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Learning to Breastfeed

You can start to learn about breastfeeding before your baby is born.   Some mothers find prenatal classes or La Leche League meetings helpful.   Talking with family members and friends that have been successful with breastfeeding will also help build your confidence.

During the first few weeks after your baby's birth, you and your baby will be learning to breastfeed.

Like learning any new skill, it gets easier with time and practice.

Soon your confidence with breastfeeding will grow.  Women who feel confident about their ability to breastfeed have less trouble with breastfeeding and continue to breastfeed for a longer time.

Your health care providers will give you information, skilled help and support as you get started in the early days, and beyond. We are committed to support and promote breastfeeding.

Some women who have not breastfed before or who have had problems with breastfeeding may worry about whether they will be able to breastfeed successfully.  If you have any questions or feel worried about this, please talk with your health care providers.  We can help you through difficulties as you learn to breastfeed.

Support from your partner or support person, family and friends is very helpful.

Your partner or support person can care for you and help you get enough rest.  If you have other children, they can spend time with you and help with baby's care.  Your family and friends may also want to help. Think about your needs and let them know what would be helpful.

  • Spend time and talk with you
  • Change your baby's diaper
  • Hold, rock or cuddle your baby
  • Give your baby a bath
  • Buy groceries, make meals
  • Help with laundry or cleaning
  • Care for your older children